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Endtime Ministries

The Rock Church of Plymouth is currently hosting the Understanding the Endtime Series on Tuesday evening at 7pm. Every week we watch an incredible lesson by Rev. Irvin Baxter and have a time of discussion after each lesson, with an opportunity to ask questions. These are relevant lessons that apply to the world we are living in today. We would love to have you come and learn about what we should be doing to prepare for the days ahead!

There were approximately 100 prophecies given before the first coming of Jesus to the earth. He fulfilled every single one of those prophecies to the minutest detail. No one should have missed His first coming—but most people did because they didn’t know the prophecies. Today, we are living just before the Second Coming of Jesus to the earth. We don’t have 100 prophecies; we have closer to 1,000, yet the scriptures tell us that most people will miss the Second Coming. Again, this will happen because people do not know the prophecies. This Understanding the Endtime Series was designed to explain the prophecies of the end time in easy-to-understand terms. After viewing Understanding the Endtime, no one should miss the Second Coming of Jesus Christ.

The Series includes:

1 – United States Discovered in the Bible
2 – New World Order is World Government
3 – Islam in Bible Prophecy
4 – World War III
5 – Israel’s God-Given Destiny
6 – Israel - God’s Prophetic Time Clock
7 – The Holy Roman Empire Reborn
8 – The Antichrist and the False Prophet
9 – 666 The Mark of the Beast
10 – The Coming One-World Religion Part 1
11 – The Coming One-World Religion Part 2
12 – The 7 Trumpets
13 – The Second Coming
14 – Kingdom of God

Understanding the Endtime Trailer:


Service Times


2:00 PM - Sunday School
3:00 PM - Worship Service

7:00 PM - Bible Study

7:00 PM - Prayer

9:30 AM - Sunday School
10:30 AM - Worship Service

7:00 PM - Bible Study


10:30 AM - Worship Service
7:00 PM - Prayer

7:00 PM - Bible Study


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